Time Management!

“Don’t worry, by the time we are done with you, we will have made you really good time managers!”

answered our Associate Dean, Professor Ram, on our day one at ISB, when someone remarked about how rigorous the academic program seemed when it was presented (paraphrased). We all laughed.

Two terms in (approximately 2 months), I can already realize what Prof. Ram was alluding to. In effort to balance my demanding work schedule, late night calls, academia  (pre-reads, assignments, exam prep), I had to introduce discipline into my daily schedule.

Prior to joining ISB, I have been a faithful Hyderabadi IT Employee. My days ended around midnight usually, and my alarms were set to 8am, if they ever were. Now I getup by 6am, almost everyday. Almost. Then, get some studying done, or finish assignments.

Earlier, I went into work after 11am any given day, and most days left around 9pm. But these days, I am in before 10am, and out by 6pm. Just so I can take the calls from home, eat dinner at home & on time, and get to bed early. An insurance for making sure that I can getup at 6am.

That’s just weekdays. Coordinating group assignments, council activities [of the Academic Council I am part of] has become my next priority. Social events have taken the last priority on that list, but I did notice that when and where I planned my social events has completely transformed as well. Referring to a combined calendar (of my work, school and personal) has become my second nature.

If this is the case for someone from Hyderabad attending at Hyderabad, I can only imagine how meticulously our outstation classmates have to plan their time.

Well, with 2 terms in & 10 more to go (we graduate in June 2019), I guess I can say this confidently now: “Prof. Ram, you were not kidding!”