Dil maange more

We are part of the digital age where business world is evolving very fast. I am an IT professional with one and half decade into my career and the challenge I took to revisit an academic environment is going on well in ISB by studying alongside like-minded senior professionals. I am someone who has primarily learned management skills being on the job, and  ISB is providing me the perfect way to augment my identifications, hone my technical and soft skills, and ground my practical knowledge with  understanding of business theories. The purpose of studying business at ISB is to marry theory with practice, allowing me to fill knowledge gaps and tackle some of the most pressing issues faced by today’s mid-level managers

Why PGP Pro with ISB:

  1. Compete with myself
  2. Developing a strong professional network
  3. Boosting key knowledge and skills
  4. Accelerating career progression
  5. No time away from work and family life to pursue a traditional full-time MBA.

Challenges for me:

Every alternate day, my team member asks “when he/she will get role change” or someone comes and say “I got job offer with 100% hike so can you match my hike” or someone with 1 year experience come and ask “I want onsite as some of my friend has travelled onsite”. There are many odd questions like this to me and I have no straight answers for any of these. But as a manager of large program, I pretend to be helpful for all these “ASKs”. Few readymade asks as below from my boss/team across projects:

  • My friend got a role change. I have also the same experience and same role maturity. When will I get a role change?
  • My friend got this much hike. Why my hike is so less?
  • My friend got so much payout. Why was there no payout for me this quarter?
  • Doing same work repeatedly for last 3 months can I change my project as my friend is doing automation?
  • My boss asks me to give 4% Q-o-Q growth– which is possible?
  • Bring innovation every alternate day – but how?

I do not have a magic stick where I can fulfill all these aspirations but I need to be on top of these asks and assure them that sooner or later these all will be taken care of.

How ISB is helping:

The implications of this  learning is huge. I am able to put classroom theory into practice and add value to my company straight away. I have the opportunity to learn from an MBA program that is equivalent to a full-time MBA, while still working—this is rare.

  1. There are diverse, definable, and recognized leadership styles. Each style includes different approaches that are based on research. I learned about the different styles and how to apply them in the real-world.
  2. Help to take out of comfort zone and challenge individually – “Dil maange more
  3. Peers are  from different walks of life  and bring a diverse range of skills and professional experience to the classroom, allowing me to benefit from their unique perspective and expertise. What I have found that I am learning alongside a successful tech entrepreneur, a senior scientist, and the Managers of a multinational company. We have all the bullets in one pistol.
  4. I do understand the nuts and bolts of technology as part of my day-to day job but along with that now I understand the business aspects of systems in order to make informed choices. Now I am more efficient or to be efficient to make decisions about my team and budgets.

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